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Jordan Heights

Jordan Heights is a 24-block densely populated neighborhood of 8,089 residents living in 3,308 housing units located in center city Allentown. Though this area was once a draw for residents of the Lehigh Valley, it has now become one of the most physically and economically distressed in the region. The neighborhood is plagued with problems, but also features several key assets that will promote revitalization through this plan. “Connecting Jordan Heights: Action Strategies for Neighborhood Revitalization” was created with strong community involvement. Input from over 350 different neighborhood residents and stakeholders was compiled through resident surveys, community meetings, and stakeholder interviews. Key concerns were organized into six categories, which were addressed by task forces comprised of residents, service providers, city officials, and others. Findings from the task forces were brought back to the steering committee and used to generate the plan. “Connecting Jordan Heights” is composed of action strategies in eight distinct categories:


  • Increase public safety
  • Decrease the crime rate
  • Engage community residents
  • Connect families to services
  • Develop youth programs
  • Improve housing options
  • Beautify city blocks
  • Improve the quality of life


Together Community Action Development Corporation of Allentown, Housing Association and Development Corporation, and the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation are working to implement the goals set by the community members that created the Connecting Jordan Heights plan.  Neighborhood residents can join the cause, fight back, voice their concerns, and make use of the services that are in place to help.
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Sheila Alvarado, Neighborhood Manager
Milagros Canales, Community Liaison
Dave Evans, Executive Director
Housing Association and Development Corporation
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