The Community Action Development Corporation of Allentown works toward the stabilization of neighborhoods and the economic empowerment of residents by enabling and encouraging them to develop and own businesses in the neighborhood. Through training and business related programs, projects, and initiatives, CADCA promotes a diversified economy of small-scale, locally owned businesses and empowers residents to assume more active roles in the stewardship of their community.

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Excellent Program! I learned a lot about everything from accounting to writing a business plan. I would highly recommend this class to anyone thinking about opening their own business or already own their own business. -Jeffery Matthews This class has informed me of more information then I was taught in college from my business administration degree. I am excited and thank the instructors.

Latarsha Brown

This is an interesting program. There are a lot of topics discussed that are not taught in a classroom. I believe the class is very important to anybody that wants to start their own business. -Yaisa Mosquera

Community Action Development Corporation of Allentown.